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About ESI Training Solutions


ESI Training Solutions is a full-service provider for all things Code Enforcement.  From training to program development, we can help your Texas city fulfill state requirements while ensuring your Code Enforcement Officers are prepared to do the job efficiently, effectively and in accordance with the law.


At ESI, we believe in three pillars of professional education and development:


Engage all levels of an organization to ensure its success

   Spark innovation, communication, creativity, responsibility, and the desire to grow

  Inspire leaders, managers, and employees to be more than just their job titles


ESI offers an array of services to organizations big and small, including:


  • Quality On-Site and Off-Site Training Programs

    • All training programs qualify for Continuing Education Hours​

  • Process Analysis and Procedure Development

  • Code Enforcement Program Development

Leo Bonanno



Leo is the Director of ESI Training Solutions.  He is a Certified Trainer and Certified Project Manager with Masters Degrees in Business Administration and Management, with specializations in Human Resources and Business Strategy.  


Leo has experience training professionals at all levels.  He has assisted numerous corporations, government agencies, and non-profits achieve their organizational goals.

*ESI is an approved State of Texas Education Provider and can currently issue CEUs to Code Enforcement Officers and Officers in Training.  Leo is also an active Code Enforcement Officer serving several Texas cities.

Phone: (940) 735-6591

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