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Texas Code Enforcement Officer

Home Study Collection

Texas allows Code Enforcement Officers to obtain continuing education hours in a number of ways, including home studies that meet a set of criteria established by the State. The entire ESI Home Study Collection meets all of these requirements, giving Code Enforcement Officers and Officers-In-Training the knowledge and credits they need to continue working in in our field.

Each module in the collection features a presentation on the subject matter, a copy of relevant State law(s), an examination (required by the State), and other helpful resources meant to assist you in your daily code enforcement activities.

Every Code Enforcement Officer is required to complete 12 hours of continuing education every two years to maintain their license.  The current Home Study Collection gives Officers all 12 hours. Tired of travelling for training?  Can't afford the expense of hotels, gas and meals?  Looking for a team training activity without leaving the office?  ESI has got you covered!

How Does a Home Study Work?

ESI home studies are easy to complete because they fit your schedule and budget.  Choose one or more modules and complete them at your own pace. Be it a week or a month or six months - your modules won't expire.  And if the law changes before you finish your modules, we'll update the home studies and send them to you at no charge!  We want to make sure you always have up-to-date information no matter how long it takes you to complete a module.

Here's how it works:

  1. Confirm how many continuing education hours you still need to maintain your license.

  2. Choose one or more of the home study modules listed here to get the hours you need.  Call (940) 735-6591 with your selections or email them to  You'll receive a link to your home studies along with an invoice.

    • Individual home studies are $50 per credit hour, or

    • Purchase the entire collection of 12 hours for $400.  That's a savings of $200!

  3. ESI will send you the home study modules of your choice, which include a module presentation, examination, certification form, and other materials (that vary between modules).

  4. View the module presentation, review the supplemental materials, and complete the module exam at your own pace.  Most exams are 15-20 questions

  5. Submit your completed exam to ESI ( for grading.

  6. Pass the exam and you'll be issued a Certificate of Completion as soon as payment is received.

It's just that easy!


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