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ESI Training Solutions offers services in professional training and development, as well as focused consultant attention on your specific organizational needs and issues.  Keep reading for more information.

Training and Professional Development


ESI Training Solutions offers an array of training programs for employees and professionals at every level.


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Training can be provided at your location or arranged by ESI.  Some of our training courses include:


Hire the Best:  Effective Recruiting Practices

Creating and Keeping Engaged Employees

Successful Project Management

Make Teamwork Work

Effective Communication

Diversity and the Workplace

Customer Service Excellence

Effective Time Management

Effective Managers

Leadership vs. Management

Supervisory Skills for Growing Professionals

Effective Presentations and Public Speaking

Ethical Behavior and the Workplace... and more!  


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        organization's development and we'll create a program just for you!

Course Spotlight:  
Engaged Employees


What is an "engaged" employee?  We all know we want engaged employees, but what does that really mean?  In this course we identify what engaged employees really do for us, why you really want them, how to find them, and how to keep them.

Course Spotlight:  
Public Speaking


Public speaking is one of the most important skills any professional can possess, yet many of us are terrified at the thought of it.  In this course we learn about the nature of the fear behind public speaking, why the skill is so valuable, and how to master any kind of speech through preparation, confidence, passion, and effective presentations.

Course Spotlight:
Workplace Diversity 


We are unique.  Some days it feels like our customers, co-workers, and other stakeholders are hard to understand, tough to work with, and almost impossible to be around.  In this course we learn about the value of diversity, ways to capitalize on it, and reasons to encourage it whenever we can.