Frequently Asked Questions



 01  I'm interested in training.  Where are your classes held?

Training locations vary depending on the size of the class, the curriculum, and whether or not the class is reserved for a single organization or comprised of a mixed group of students from several organizations.  Generally a class organized by ESI will take place in the City of Denton unless other arrangements have been made.


 02  I don't want to drive to Denton.  Can ESI come to me?

Yes!  ESI can offer training throughout Texas.  Contact us with your training request(s) and we'll coordinate with your organization to bring quality training to you!


 03  I am required to take a number of continuing education courses to maintain my professional license.  Do your classes qualify for CEUs?

Some of our courses do qualify for continuing education credit.


Currently, ESI Training Solutions is approved by the State of Texas to provide continuing education credits for certain courses as outlined by the Texas Administrative Code Rule 140.168 Continuing Education.  This code authorizes ESI to grant CEUs to code officers as long as the course/activity is conducted in accordance with the law.


For a list of courses that grant continuing education credits click here.


Do you have another professional license that requires CEUs?  Let us know and we'll do the research for you to determine if our classes qualify for your license, and/or if ESI can get certified to issue CEUs for your license type.


 04  My department would like a class I don't see listed on your website.  Can you help us?

Yes!  ESI was founded by an experienced and certified professional trainer.  We're happy to review your needs and come up with a training course or program that works for you.  Contact us for more information. 


 05  How much do your training courses cost?

The cost of training is dependent on several factors like the size of the class, the course material, required travel, the length of the session, etc.  Contact us to discuss arrangements that are right for you.


 06  Can ESI give me legal advice on an issue I'm currently trying to address?

Several classes, like the Ethical Behavior class and the Hiring Employees class, touch on various legal issues associated with those topics (workplace fraud, inapproriate interview questions, harassment, etc.).  Legal issues and case studies tend to be very interesting to students and spark further discussion, which we think is great and a true reflection of student engagement.


Unfortunately none of ESI's representatives are attorneys and cannot give you legal advice, and nothing offered during a class or consultation should be taken as legal advice.  However, as experienced professionals we can share our own work experiences and guide you to resources we think might help you.


If you are in need of actual legal advice you should contact an attorney.