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Think about it... a city's signage is its first impression to the rest of the world.  Ever visit a town with broken road signs?  Ever visit a business with a burnt out bulb or two?  We all have, and it affects how we perceive the area around us.  New, clean, bright signs say "Welcome" to visitors.  Old, broken, dilapited signs tell visitors that the people nearby don't care much about about making a good impression.  Too many signs make a road cluttered and unsafe.  Too few signs can make a district confusing and impossible to navigate.  We stare at signs all day but never really look at them... until now.


This module will teach you about different kinds of signs and the roles they play as they exist around us.  Learn about the concept of legal non-conformity, a common development issue with signs that plays out when old businesses get replaced by the new.  Take a look at new signs and decide if they meet the requirements of the law in our fictitious sign ordinance.  Then take a look at a recent Supreme Court case involving signage and the right to free speech in America.  You'll see signs in a new way after completing this module.


Included with this module is the home study presentation, examination, and supplemental materials.


How does a home study work? It's easy!


Step One: Purchase your module. You'll be emailed a link to download the necessary PDF files.


Step Two: Review the module presentation and supplemental materials at your own pace. No need to rush.


Step Three: Complete the module examination, including the certification form on the last page. Most exams are 10-20 questions and are based on the module presentation.


Step Four: Email your completed exam and certification form to for grading. Once you pass your home study exam, a certificate of completion will be emailed to you!


No traveling, no fighting to stay awake in a classroom, and no worrying about continuing education hours for 2 years... how cool is that?

Home Study Module: Sign Enforcement (2 Credit Hours)

$150.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
  • After your purchase is made you'll see a link on our Thank You page from which you can download your home study files.  The link will be emailed to you too!

    Your download includes one zipped folder (.zip) with several .pdf documents inside.  Just click the link, download the folder, and start your home study at your convenience.

    If you have any trouble downloading or opening your files, don't panic!  Just email us at and we can email the files directly to you instead.

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