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Probably one of the most dangerous nuisance violations in Texas is the existence of stagnant water.  The West Nile Virus has killed Texans all over the state, and stagnant water provides a perfect breeding ground for infected mosquitos.  But there is good news... the State gives cities significant authority over this type of nuisance.  Review this module to learn about a city's right to address stagnant water if a property owner fails to do so.  Also learn how city's recuperate the money they spend on stagnant water abatement, as well as ways to control mosquito breeding through the use of simple pesticides.


Included with this module is the home study presentation, examination, and supplemental materials.


How does a home study work? It's easy!


Step One: Purchase your module. You'll be emailed a link to download the necessary PDF files.


Step Two: Review the module presentation and supplemental materials at your own pace. No need to rush.


Step Three: Complete the module examination, including the certification form on the last page. Most exams are 10-20 questions and are based on the module presentation.


Step Four: Email your completed exam and certification form to for grading. Once you pass your home study exam, a certificate of completion will be emailed to you!


No traveling, no fighting to stay awake in a classroom, and no worrying about continuing education hours for 2 years... how cool is that?

Home Study Module: Stagnant Water (1 Credit Hour)

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    Your download includes one zipped folder (.zip) with several .pdf documents inside.  Just click the link, download the folder, and start your home study at your convenience.

    If you have any trouble downloading or opening your files, don't panic!  Just email us at and we can email the files directly to you instead.

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